Welcome to UK Horse Rider Guide, a comprehensive online resource of equestrian information with details of places to ride, livery yards and riding holidays, including maps and directions.  There is also feedback from other users of this website to give you an opportunity to read about their experiences, and a facility for you to have your say.

I hope you find UK Horse Rider Guide helpful.  The concept of this website came to me from living in different areas and having to ride at a few places before finding the right one for me.  I think it’s important to find a school and instructor that suit you to get the most out of your riding.  So my idea of a website where riders can comment on schools to help others began, it then developed to include livery yards and more.

Using the tabs on the left, the map on the right and the search box above you can find riding schools, riding holidays, livery yards, colleges and more across the UK.

Read genuine ratings and comments made by other users of UK Horse Rider Guide to help you decide on a place that suits you.

Have Your Say
There are two ways to have your say.  Firstly help other users by rating and commenting on your experience at a place you have visited.  Secondly ‘The Loose Box’ is a discussion forum where you can ask other UK Horse Rider Guide users advice on any equine issue and you can answer questions that have been posted.

To add a place that is not on here, please either email me or click on the ‘Submit A Yard ’ tab above and follow the instructions.

If you own or manage any of the places on here and you would like to add more information and photos please email me for details on how to do so.

Please let me know if any of the information is incorrect and if you have any suggestions or feedback about the website.

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