All- Work Equestrian Centre in Delapre Park, Northamptonshire, England

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All- Work Equestrian Centre
Home Farm
Eagle Drive
Delapre Park

01604 764429

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Type of Yard

  • Riding School
  • Livery Yard

08/07/2010 / Regular Yard User / Under 18

I have been riding here for 5 years,when i first went there i had no idea about horses,i had never seen one.and now i am troting round the lake and galloping up feilds!i will be taking my bff sunday.x

29/06/2010 / Regular Yard User / Under 18  / Owner/Employee

i have ridden here 4 years and now keep my own horse here. everyone is very friendly and they are like family to me. they teach all abilities and the price is very reasonable. from the horse mad Emily

19/06/2010 / Regular Yard User / Under 18

This riding school is very good all the staff are very friendly , and you learn loads of good riding skills on horses.

17/06/2010 / Regular Yard User / Under 18

I started 2 weeks ago and i hve enjoyed every mintue of it there. My mate goes too on a tuesday at 4:00 like me!!

20/05/2009 / Regular Yard User / Under 18

this stables has lovley fersilitys and i go riding every other week in a group ride, it is big open and has many good tempered horses and many lovley people. they teach all abilitys and have suitable amounts to pay for what they teach you. i have been going there for 3 and a half years now and i have learnt many new skills, i love it there and hope you do to. please take a visit and im sure you will enjoy yourself p.s. they do loads of fun activities as well. signed there most inspired rider lizzie xx

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